Water can damage a property in many different ways – here are just a few

There are different types of water damage. The way water damages a house depends a lot on how water gets into your property.

No matter how water has come to your house, you need to fix the moisture problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the situation will get even worse. Small problems can turn into big problems over time.

If left untreated, water damage can result in timber decay, mould growth and many other issues. And of course, you should do your best to prevent these kinds of things from happening.

Today, we’ll talk about the most common water damage types. We will tell you about the causes and the signs of water damage problems. But most importantly, we’ll advise you upon the appropriate solution and explain how to get various water damage problems fixed in the best possible way.

Flooding can cause damp floors in your house. Oftentimes, damp floors have a bad smell. So, you’ll quickly find that something is wrong with your floors. The problem can be caused by blocked vents, clogged gutters, water pooling under house, poor subfloor ventilation, leaky pipes, leaking faucets, cracks in a sink and other types of issues.

It’s important to resolve the problem professionally. If flooding happens, then you need to do your best to remove water from your property as soon as possible. Also, you need to realize what exactly has caused the problem and come up with an effective solution.

Let’s say the flooding has been caused by blocked vents. If this is the case, you need to unblock your vents. Additionally, you should check your gutters and clean them when such a need arises. Garbage has to be removed from your subfloors. Make sure that water doesn’t arrive under your house anymore.

Now, it’s time to dry out damp floors. It makes a lot of sense to use fans or dehumidifier for this purpose. By doing so, you’ll be able to fix the problem quickly and successfully.

The water can also come to your house from balconies. When water dries up, you may see water stains on your floors and on walls. Such a problem usually occurs when balcony windows or doors have been installed in the wrong way.

Insufficient drainage and low quality waterproofing membrane can also cause this type of a problem. On top of that, you need to pick the right type of tile for your balcony.

It’s important to note that water damage issues of this type should never be ignored. Try to fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with more serious consequences in the nearest feature.

You can make use of towels to stop water from coming to your living environment from a balcony. This will help you reduce water damage to your house significantly.

It’s not recommended to resolve the problem on your own if it has been caused by the incorrect installation of balcony doors and windows. The work of this type requires special knowledge, skills, experience and the right equipment.

Another important thing you need to know is that you will void your warranty if you choose to fix the problem on your own.

Does water come to your house through leaky roof?

If so, you may see water stains on ceilings, floors and walls.

We all know that there is almost always electrical wiring in attic. There is too much electrical wiring in ceiling as well. That’s why roof leaks are so dangerous for house owners and, therefore, they should be avoided at any cost.

It’s worth noting that roof requires regular maintenance. If roof is not maintained properly, you may have to deal with corrosion and leaks in the future.

Gutters need to be cleaned on a regular basis as well. If cleanings are not done as needed, gutters will get blocked and you’ll have to deal with leaks over time.

It goes without saying that leaky roof needs to be repaired as soon as possible. First and foremost, you have to identify the area where your roof is leaking.

Next, you have to fix the leaks in the roof space. After leaks have been identified, you need to fix them. If water has damaged electricity in your house, then you’ll also need to ask a professional electrician for help as well.

When it comes to getting leaking roofs fixed, you need to know that all roof leaking problems are different. So, they need to be fixed differently. Initially, you can take advantage of a silicone sealant to fix the issue for a while. By doing so, you will be able to stop water coming from your roof in your living environment.

So, this will allow you to reduce water damage in your house. However, it’s a temporarily solution of a problem. After that, you can contact a professional to get a leaking roof fixed.

Clogged gutters are a big problem for a house owner. When gutters are blocked, water can’t flow away. The reality is, clogged gutters can cause huge damage to a property.

Water damage in bathroom is usually caused by leaky pipes, leaking toilets, improperly installed shower, etc. Water damage in bathroom can result in discoloration of floors and walls, decaying tiles, peeling paint on walls, loose tiles as well as mold growth and many others.

Do you have water damage in your bathroom?

If so, you need to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. First of all, all water needs to be removed from your bathroom.

Also, you need to remove the furniture that has been damaged by water from your bathroom. Next, the affected area in your bathroom has to be cleaned and sanitized.

After that, repairs are done if necessary. The affected area has to be dried as well. Once all water damage restoration works are complete, you can use your bathroom again.

Bear in mind that water damage also creates the ideal conditions for dry rot and mold. Oftentimes, people find it hard to identify these microorganisms in their house. However, they spread very quickly.

Dry rot and mold can destroy materials and damage the building’s structure. That’s why repairs can be too costly.

It’s important to know that mold and dry root are responsible for a variety of health issues such as asthma, allergy, eye irritation, skin irritation and many others.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that microorganisms can be difficult to detect. So, it would be better to get the inspection done to test the building for dry root and mold immediately after water damage. If either dry root or mold has been detected during the inspection, the problem has to be resolved effectively.

Removing mold is the type of work that you will hardly be able to do successfully by yourself. So, trust this important task to real mold removal professionals who know their business pretty well.

Oftentimes, a house needs to be repaired after water damage. So, you should invite home restoration specialists immediately after flooding. Professionals will assess the situation and advise you an appropriate solution. They will do an estimate and tell you the water damage repair costs.

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