Grease Fire Cleanup

Oil or grease fires are among the most common types of kitchen fires we see. In fact, cooking is the most common cause of home kitchen fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Of those cooking fires, the majority are caused by oil or grease.

Whether your kitchen fire is at home or a restaurant, how to clean up after a grease fire is different from cleaning up other types of fires. Even if smothered quickly, a kitchen oil fire can leave behind nasty soot and odors. If the grease splatters, the affected area spreads with it.

Soot from grease fires stains walls and covers appliances, floors, and all other surfaces with an oily residue and overpowering odor. To clean up after a grease fire, you have to use the correct, professional equipment and solutions—otherwise, you can easily smear the mess further.

Kitchen Fire

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke is different from water damage because it is not limited to low-lying areas. Hot smoke moves toward cool areas. It rises above the fire, even traveling to upper levels and through HVAC ducting. This means smoke damage can impact just about every surface of your home, restaurant, or business. Different types of kitchen fires cause different types of smoke, which leads to distinct varieties of smoke damage. Regardless of the cause of the fire, smoke damage can affect all kinds of surfaces and items, including:

Clean Up After A Kitchen Fire

In your home, a kitchen fire can be devastating for your family. For a restaurant, a commercial kitchen fire can be disastrous for your livelihood. To make matters worse, a kitchen fire that is not cleaned up quickly and effectively can lead to permanent damage.

The experts at weDRY help home and business owners across Southeast Michigan with cleanup and restoration services. If you have experienced a residential or commercial kitchen fire, our professional technicians are trained to clear up smoke damage and clean up after a grease fire or kitchen fire of any kind.

Plus, at weDRY, we document all the damage from the start, ensuring you have everything you need for insurance intents and that all documents are properly processed. That way, your kitchen can get back to cooking as quickly as possible.

Call the weDRY fire, soot, and smoke damage restoration experts at 248-786-5047 or contact us online to get started.


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