There are many ways that sewage water can flood your basement

Clogged Sewer Lines – Just like your pipes, sewer lines can become clogged which causes sewage backups in your home or business that can cause severe damage and unbearable smells.

Flooding – After a heavy rain, sewer lines can become overwhelmed with water, which can result in sewer water backing up into your property. We have seen this happen throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines – If your Detroit area home is older, your sewer backup could be caused by old pipes wearing down. This can cause cracks, leaks, or a collapse.

Blockages Caused by Tree Roots – While less common, your home’s exterior piping might be set too close to a tree or shrub. If so, the roots may grow towards the pipes and eventually break through small cracks in the sewer line, causing extensive damage.

Flooded Sewer

The dangers of contaminated water are extensive

Sewage consists of gray or polluted water that will run off from utilities like sinks, tubs, showers, and dishwashers. Or sewage water could be composed of objects flushed from toilets, which includes human waste that gets into the ground. This is known as “black water.”

Sewage, especially black water, contains any number of harmful contaminants ranging from parasites and viruses to bacteria and fungi. Anyone who has direct contact with sewage without wearing personal protective equipment is putting their health at risk. Hepatitis A and encephalitis are just two of the many illnesses that homeowners and their family members can contract following a sewer backup in their basement.

Flooding that includes sewage in your basement can also lead to extensive mold which is another health hazard. Mold exposure can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in seniors, and adults and children with compromised immune systems. Flooding provides ideal conditions for mold to develop as it only needs moisture, organic material, and optimal temperature. Plus, it can grow within just 24 to 48 hours of the incident and can be worse if your flooding includes sewer water.

Trust your home or business to the most qualified experts to clean up your basement that is flooded with sewage

The sewer backup restoration experts at weDRY know how to clean up your property every step of the way. Let us take care of the mess!

Our certified and experienced professionals work efficiently to extract any pooling water or waste before starting our restoration services. This helps to prevent long-term problems from piling up in your home or business – literally.

The process that the professionals at weDRY use include:

To confirm that the cleanup has been handled correctly, our team doesn’t leave your property until the humidity, moisture and other testing we conduct confirms that your basement is dry. Only then is our work complete following a sewage cleanup in your Detroit-area property.
Disaster can strike anytime and a sewage cleanup is not a project that can be easily handled by a homeowner. Our experts work to help you restore what matters most in your home or business. Call 248-998-9967 or contact us online to schedule your no-obligation appointment to resolve the sewage buildup in your flooded basement.

Flooded Neighborhood

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