Sump pump failure can lead to a massive basement cleanup

While the Detroit metropolitan area averages around 35 inches of rain per year, Detroit’s aging stormwater infrastructure is being overwhelmed to the point where some neighborhoods have experienced flooded basements several times in recent years. All it takes is one major rainfall and basement flooding can occur.

A broken or underpowered sump pump does not have the capacity to remove excess water from your basement. This can lead to a disaster when heavy rain falls or winter snow melts. The groundwater will rise causing a broken or failed sump pump to fill with water, flooding a basement. The water will then pool in the lowest spots on the floor of the basement, gradually rising and causing significant damage.

Basement flooding due to a non-working or underpowered sump pump will ruin any items you have stored there. The damage to the structure of the home itself could be even more severe if not cleaned up properly. The team of professionals at weDRY will clean up your basement so that any long-term structure damage or adverse health impacts are mitigated.

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Take the first steps to cleaning up your flooded basement

If the flooding in your basement is serious and more than you can manage, it may be time to contact a certified water mitigation company. Regardless of whether you need help from the professionals at weDRY, the first steps you should take once basement flooding caused by sump pump issues occurs include:


Call a licensed plumber to fix or replace the sump pump. Be sure to provide their plumbing report to your insurance company for proper insurance coverage determinations.


Call your home or property insurance company to see if you have the proper coverage to assist you with the cost of water cleanup efforts as it relates to a sump pump failure.


Call the experienced water damage cleanup professionals at weDRY Restoration.
Initial mitigation steps are important because there are hidden dangers lurking in a flooded basement. The most dangerous one is mold. Any level of standing water in your basement can cause unseen mold to wreak havoc on your home or business. Mold can grow within 24 – 48 hours.

Trust the experts for cleaning up your flooded basement following a broken sump pump

The work a homeowner does to clean up a flooded basement may not be enough to complete the job correctly. If your sump pump fails and you’ve got flooding, the water damage restoration services provided by weDRY can protect your structure and health long-term. The services weDRY offers include:
Sump Pump Repair
If you are in a flood prone area, a flooded basement is an issue you may need to manage, especially if a broken or underpowered sump pump contributed to the severity of the water damage. The certified professionals at weDRY can be the solution to clean up your basement! Contact the team at weDRY 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also call us 248-786-5047. We will quickly respond to your inquiry.
Insurance Call

Is your home insurance properly covering you in case of a sump pump failure?

Did you know that sump pump coverage typically needs to be added to your traditional home insurance policy at your request? These additions, or Riders as they are referred to, are usually limited to a certain monetary value.

Make sure you consider the cost of the water damage cleanup in addition to your personal contents that may be damaged as well as any reconstruction that may be necessary, in order to get your basement back to a pre-loss condition.

Schedule a call today with your insurance agent to make sure you have the proper coverage in case of a major water loss such as a sump pump failure.





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