Water damage is a stressful occurrence that can happen to anyone. Oakland County, Michigan, residents could see water damage as the cause of large-scale flooding, burst pipes, or an HVAC or other major appliance malfunction, but having a checklist at your fingertips will get your home back to its restored state.

Water Damage Restoration Checklist 

By following this water damage restoration checklist, homeowners and property owners in Oakland County can eliminate some of the stress that comes with water damage in your home. 

This water damage restoration checklist will also help cut down the amount of time dedicated to handling water damage and the ability to prevent further damage. 

1.  Stop the Water Flow

The first step in mitigating water damage is stopping the flow of water. Figure out where the flow of water is coming from, if you can tell it’s coming from a leak or burst pipe, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. If the water is simply coming from outside environmental factors, there are only passive measures to prevent further water flow.  

2.  Turn off Your Power and Gas

The next step is to turn off your home’s electricity and gas. This is a safety precaution to not only make sure those in the household are safe but also any professionals that may enter your home to help with your restoration needs. This can be done by flipping the breaker in your home and making sure natural gas hookups are temporarily unhooked. 

3. Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

While several things can be done at home, calling a water damage restoration company will provide you with the best outlet for restoration. Residents in Oakland County, MI, that need water damage restoration services should turn to weDRY Restoration. weDRY offers 24/7 service with leading expertise to help with your water damage situation within the hour.

4. Call Your Insurance Companies

The following step should be getting on the phone and contacting your insurance provider to file a claim. If your policy covers water damage, make sure to file a claim as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of denied claims. Several insurance companies only give their customers 48 hours to file claims for water damage, and no homeowner with this covered under their policy wants to get stuck with footing the entire bill.

5.  Gather Your Essential Documents

If your home were to experience water damage, gathering important documents to keep them safe and to have them for the insurance and restoration process is crucial to keep in mind. Make sure to gather these documents with safety measures in mind:

  • Mortgage payments 
  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Social security cards 
  • Birth certificates
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Prescribed medications 
  • Bank account information 

6. Check for Safety

Safety should always be on your mind when you’re dealing with water damage in your home. In the case the household needs to be removed from the house, contact emergency responders to help know when is the best time to re-enter your home. Eliminate any possibilities of electricity in your home’s flooding area to keep loved ones and water damage specialists out of harm’s way. 

7. Remove Waterlogged Items From Flooded Areas

Have severely waterlogged items? weDRY Restoration partners with qualified cleanup technicians to provide thorough water damage reconstruction for your belongings. 

8. Start to Remove Water as Soon as Possible

Being able to remove water as soon as possible can help lessen the damage sustained to your home. Homes tend to handle water damage pretty well, but removing the water fast is key. Using a sump pump or dehumidifier as soon as you can will make a difference as well. 

Water Damage Restoration FAQs

Water Damage Restoration FAQs

How Long Will Water Restoration and Water Cleanup Take?

The restoration of your home is split between two phases. The first phase is mitigation, which consists of demolition and cleaning and drying out structures and belongings. This process will take several days. The second phase consists of making any needed repairs. Your home will need to be dried out before repairs are done.

Is Water Damage Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Water damage is typically covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. This is dependent on whether the damage is considered sudden internal water damage. Home insurance does not cover any damages due to lack of maintenance, negligence, or damage resulting from a flood, such as hurricane flooding

What are Some Common Effects of Water Damage?

Your property will take more damage the longer the water sits. Water damage can also deteriorate or ruin personal possessions and building materials, and lead to mold growth. 

Call weDRY Restoration for Water Damage Emergency 

Water Damage Restoration Checklist for Oakland County, MI

Water emergencies can happen when you least expect them to. No one plans for a water-related disaster, but our team knows how to deal with the damage. 

Oakland County, MI, residents in need of water damage restoration can call weDRY Restoration to recover from emergency instances of water damage at (248) 786-5047 or schedule an appointment. weDRY makes sure their water damage restoration services are done quickly and right the first time. Bring comfort back to your home and schedule with us today.


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