Power OutageWe have been reminded the past couple of years of how destructive power outages can be to our homes. Whether it is having to throw away food in a refrigerator that has spoiled to something more serious like a flooded basement because a sump pump lost power, a Michigan power outage is usually caused by something completely beyond your control.

The Detroit News reported in August 2021 that the length of power outages in Michigan is typically longer than those of most neighboring states. Additionally, utility experts around the state are considering the role that climate change and the increasing frequency of severe weather events will have on Michigan’s aging infrastructure – including its power grid.

Statistics provided by DTE Energy and Consumers Energy indicate that three separate power outages in spring and summer 2021 each impacted a minimum of 800,000 households. Power outages in the U.S. are mostly caused by inclement weather and wind, but whatever the cause, they are happening more often. This increased frequency is raising the stakes for homeowners dealing with frequent power outages.

What Causes Power Outages in Michigan?

Whatever is causing a power outage in your area is likely to happen multiple times over the course of your lifetime. These days, it may happen several times over the course of one year.

A Michigan power outage is most often caused by inclement weather. Every season of the year could bring an unforeseen power outage. Lighting strikes can also be a culprit, especially when it strikes one or more trees.

In the summer, significant power demand can cause local brownouts or blackouts, especially when there is extreme heat and an overabundance of air conditioning is needed by consumers and businesses. This can place stress on electric cables, transformers, and other utility equipment.

For many reasons, trees are another common source of a power outage, often combined with high winds. Whenever tree limbs come into contact with a power line, interruptions can occur.

An issue with any single tree could affect several hundred or several thousand households. That is one reason trimming trees is so important.

A vehicle colliding into an electric line or pole could also cause a localized power outage in Detroit or anywhere in Southeastern Michigan. A human mistake related to excavation digging can disrupt or damage underground cables as well. Even a harmless household pet’s curiosity could be the cause of a power outage in your area.

How a Power Outage in Michigan Can Lead to Flooding 

Many homes in Southeastern Michigan have basements. As we have been reminded all too often, a Michigan power outage can often lead to flooded basements following a heavy rainfall. What makes it worse is if power is lost, sump pumps will not work without a generator. When that happens, water buildup in a basement can ruin personal items, electronics, and damage walls and other structural components of the house, causing significant long-term issues like mold.

Most power outages in the U.S. are caused by storms, with some combination of wind and rain, and the same is true for Michigan. When a power outage occurs, a sump pump can be rendered useless. The effects of that power outage then are magnified because there is no easy way to remove the water building up in a basement without the help of a qualified flood damage restoration expert near you.

Fortunately, weDRY Can Help

We understand just how difficult it is for homeowners to deal with a Michigan power outage. The fact is, what causes any given power outage is almost irrelevant once it happens. Not only could unwanted water be an issue, but the effects of a power outage in your area could cause something as disastrous as a fire if a downed power line lands on your home during a windstorm.

If you have water or moisture issues following a heavy rainfall, a sump pump failure, or are recovering from a fire because of a storm and power outage issue, the team at weDRY can help. We are the experts at flood and water damage restoration and fire restoration for homeowners throughout Metro Detroit. Call us at 248-786-5047 or fill out our online form for an immediate response.


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