How Much Does it Cost to Fix Water Damage?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Water Damage?

Water damage. Those two words can give almost anyone major anxiety. So many questions race through your mind simultaneously. What needs to be done to my property in order to get my property back to a pre-loss condition? Do building materials need to be removed? Are my items salvageable? Are my items completely ruined? What caused this water damage to my property?? But the most important question of them all is how much will this cost to fix?? Luckily, weDRY is here to help handle the entire process for you!

Whenever a property owner is dealing with water damage, urgent action is critical. Time is of the essence when water damage occurs. With just a simple phone call to the weDRY professionals can help quickly mitigate the situation at hand. We use advanced equipment and techniques to extract  the water quickly and effectively all the while trying to salvage your items and property. weDRY Restoration will use state of the art equipment and digital platforms to photograph, moisture map and monitor the entire mitigation or remediation process providing complete documentation and justification for each necessary step. We will provide expert guidance so that you understand the entire project from start to finish.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage Repairs?

Your homeowners insurance may cover water damage repairs.

Let the weDRY experts have the opportunity to help you determine the source of the loss, document it and work directly with your insurance company to get you covered. weDRY has the expertise to navigate the situation directly with your insurance provider, getting you the money you are entitled to in order to restore your home to a pre-loss condition.

Insurance may not cover certain types of losses depending on your coverage limitations or the source of the water intrusion.  Every loss is unique and there are many variables that affect the cost which is why weDRY offers free inspections and estimates.

How Can I Get an Estimate? How much will water damage cost to repair?

Contact weDRY Restoration for a complimentary on-site inspection. Our project manager will get you a custom free estimate for consideration.

Water damage mitigation cost in an average home or business will depend upon the following:

  • The square footage of the area that was affected. For example: Was there water damage to multiple levels in your home or business? Is it limited to one area?
  • The type of space to be worked in. For Example: Does your attic have mold? Is there mold or water in a crawlspace? Water under the basement stairs? Kitchen or bathroom in a main living area affected? Is this an industrial building or a hotel? Does your walkout basement have water or mold?
  • Type of building material affected; carpet VS wood flooring VS concrete or drywall VS block walls. For example: Was your basement recently finished? Has your crawl space flooded?
  • The amount of specialty drying equipment needed. Was there water damage to wood floors that you want to salvage? Yes, we have a machine for that! Our team can make efforts to either save your floors or make expert recommendations.
  • The category or type of the water. Clean Water (Category 1) VS unsanitary water (Category 3) For example: did a hot water tank burst? Toilet overflow? Refrigerator water line leak? Did your sump pump fail?
  • How much personal property needs to be cleaned or moved. For example: Did your finished basement flood and was full of heavy personal property? Did you have a previous roof leak in an empty bedroom?
  • How many days the work goes on until your home is returned to a healthy and safe living environment

Labor Costs to Fix Water Damage Repair

For the most part, the labor charges incurred are determined by the size of the affected area and the structural damage. Our knowledgeable & IICRC certified Project Managers will come out to your home for a complimentary inspection to help assess the affected areas and devise a unique plan of action to get your home back to a healthy and safe living environment for you and your family.  weDRY Restoration rates for services performed are structured from the Blue Book of Cleaning, Reconstruction, and Repair costs, by zip code, using the Xactimate program which is the industry standard.  Prices can vary from job to job, that is why weDRY gives free estimates whether you have insurance coverage or not.

Call weDRY to schedule a complimentary inspection and receive a custom estimate. Contact the water restoration specialists at weDRY today- we service most areas throughout Oakland & Macomb Counties in Michigan.



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