Water can be extremely damaging to your home. weDRY Michigan is the water damage restoration expert you can trust.

Finding a trusted restoration company to take care of your Birmingham water damage is extremely important because the impact on your life and other members of your family can be devastating.

Many Birmingham homeowners along the Woodward corridor were faced with flooded basements and significant damage to their properties in August 2020, when up to four inches of rain fell throughout metro Detroit. Daily rainfall records also were set in May 2020. Birmingham averages 32 inches of rain and 32 inches of snow on average every year, and with the city getting precipitation on average of 123 days per year, a flooded house can happen virtually any time.

The situation can deteriorate further if there is a prolonged power outage, which can make it more difficult to remove standing water.

That’s why you should demand the highest level of experience and industry knowledge from a water damage restoration company who can help to get your house – and your life – back on track. Get other helpful tips by visiting our blog.

Recover quickly from a home fire with the help of weDRY and its fire restoration experts.

The average home value in Birmingham is over $550,000 according to Zillow, meaning that your home is also an investment that you need to maintain. Working with a qualified fire damage restoration company will help protect that investment while creating a detailed assessment of the damage.

Fire damage restoration from weDRY is designed to help turn your Birmingham home back into your own castle. In addition to cleanup and restoration, we:

  • Assess heat and structural damage.
  • Determine next steps following the initial restoration phase.
  • Record and document everything needed for insurance intents.

Our family-oriented team has been working with Birmingham homeowners for years and have become a trusted resource for residents and businesses throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Mold is a common issue for Birmingham residents. Let weDRY develop a plan to remove mold from your home.

There are nearly 10,000 households in Birmingham, with over 86 percent living in the same house as they did one year ago, according to the U.S. Census. One of the hidden dangers that can linger for months or years is mold growth. It is difficult to remove and is a potential health threat.

To keep your family safe and healthy, and to prevent additional structural issues, be sure to make mold removal a priority.

Here are some facts about mold:

Keep our information handy because when disaster strikes, the experts at weDRY Michigan provide water and fire restoration and mold removal services that you can rely on. Call us at 248-786-5047 to get started or contact us online.


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