Even a small water leak or flood can cause significant damage to your home. The professionals at weDRY Michigan have seen it all and can create a plan for you.

Most homes in Bloomfield Hills have underground basements or walkout basements. Whether your home was built decades ago or is relatively new, water is always a threat. It could be from a leaking appliance or washing machine. Flooded basements are common after heavy rainfalls, which are most likely to occur in the spring or summer.

In both May and August 2020, record amounts of rainfall were set throughout metro Detroit. As the years pass, these records seem to be set practically every year, meaning a potential flooding situation in your home is only one storm away. Bloomfield Hills averages about 32 inches of rain and a similar amount of snow per year, with some type of precipitation falling one out of every three days.

While we can help you understand what you can do when water is loose in your house, the reality is only the experts at weDRY Michigan can effectively provide a lasting solution.

Fire restoration is difficult and must be done correctly or your house may never be the same again. The team at weDRY knows exactly what should happen next.

Home values have often risen anywhere from 5-10 percent annually over the last several years in Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township with the average home value now more than $500,000. That means your home is also a sizable investment that requires upkeep when things are good, and immediate attention if a disaster, such as a house fire occurs.

Our fire damage restoration process specifically:

  • Assesses heat and structural damage.
  • Develops a plan of action, such as soot and smoke removal and odor removal.
  • Identifies all information required for insurance intents.

During stressful times, working with a knowledgeable partner that is organized, responsive and ethical is critical. See for yourself how weDRY Michigan treats its clients like family, and why we have become the most trusted name in fire restoration services in Bloomfield Hills and around southeastern Michigan.

Mold can be dangerous and difficult to remove. Let weDRY Michigan tackle your mold problem for good.

Mold is not just a nuisance in Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township. It can be dangerous to the health of your family.

The experts at weDRY Michigan can easily determine if mold is an issue in your home. Waiting too long to find out can have disastrous repercussions, threatening the value of your home.

You may not know that mold:

Bloomfield Hills residents have come to trust weDRY Michigan since 2014 to provide the highest quality of water and fire restoration and mold removal and remediation services. Call us at 248-786-5047 to get started or contact us online.


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